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Dear Friends,

As much as I love photographing NWR7 sports and other events, this season will have to be my last.  Its been a really tough decision as I really do enjoy being on campus and cheering you all on. It's been great fun.  But I can't justify the expense any more.

The idea behind this site was to support the athletic department.  It was hoped that some of my personal expenses would be covered as well.  But it really isn't happening.  The site doesn't cover the cost of gas from Norfolk to NWR7 and back, let alone camera repair costs, and my camera and lenses need some serious service because of the heavy use.

The time involved in photographing the sports, processing the images, and driving to and from campus isn't worth the meager amount the site has brought in for the department.  I can use the time for other projects.

I will try to photograph some special events, like when Softball goes back to state or the spring musical.  Other than that I need to preserve the camera and lenses for my other photographic endeavors. 

It's been fun, and I've enjoyed getting to know everyone.  May the New Year put lots of check marks in the win column.

Rev. Sav Frieze

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